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When I went along to a telecommunications fair in London in October 1999, I had one day off for a really nice walk through London.

The hotel I stayed at was right off Hyde Park. Passing Wellington Arch, I strolled to Buckingham Palace with the Queen Victoria Memorial in front. Even on my way there, I saw huge crowds of people as the Changing of the Guards had come to an end shortly before. Unfortunately, this big event only takes place ervery second day during wintertime. From there, I walked on through St. James's Park, with its big population of squirrels (apart from some pelicans). I got to the Houses of Parliament with Big Ben, having passed Westminster Abbey.

The day before, they finally managed to erect at the river Thames the biggest Ferris wheel in the world after having failed to do so several times. It's also London's fourth highest monument. It has been equipped with a live webcam by its sponsor B.A. The Ferris wheel will be in official use as of the begining of 2000.

Last but not least I was walking along the Thames up to Tower Bridge passing St. Paul's.

Hyde Park (33 kB) Wellington Arch (43 kB) Buckingham Palace (31 kB) Queen Victoria Memorial (27 kB St James's Park (55 kB) Squirrel (48 kB)
Westminster Abbey (40 kB) Big Ben (17 kB) Houses of Parliament (31 kB) Millennium Wheel (32 kB) St Paul's (22 kB) Tower Bridge (32 kB)


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